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Fidelity Amateur Radio Club

ARRLThe Fidelity Amateur Radio Club is an
ARRL Affiliated Club. The next club meeting will be Wednesday June 12th, 2013
at 7:30 PM in the Great Room, CCRI Campus Warwick, RI

The Fidelity Amateur Radio Club's meetings are open to all and has a schedule of activities which are drawn up every September. The schedule includes activitiesPatch for the meetings which include: tech talks by members and guests on a variety of topics, video tapes, round table discussions, and club projects, in addition to shack visits. F.A.R.C. also participates in several activities at the New England Wireless and Steam Museum, including Yankee Steam Up. The big event of each year is Field Day in June. The club usually has a fairly impressive site, accompanied by lots of operating, lots of fun, and lots of food. F.A.R.C. also holds periodic V.E. test sessions headed up by Duffy Egan, KB1EJB, along with the club's team of V.E.'s.

About the K1NQG and W1MB callsigns. K1NQG is the original callsign for the Fidelity Amateur Radio Club founded by Merrill Budlong. W1MB was Merrill's callsign that was tranffered to the club upon Merrill's passing. K1NQG/r is used by the repeater on 146.715 with a PL of 67. W1MB is the callsign used for Field Day operations.


Field Day 2012